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2016—18• It is unknown what happened to Daredevil after this point.

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Marvel: Daredevil’s Name Finally Makes Sense In His Darkest Comic

Following up a suggestion from O'Neill that he give Daredevil a realistic fighting style, Miller introduced into the Daredevil canon, bringing a martial-arts aspect to Daredevil's fighting skills, and introducing previously unseen characters who had played a major part in his youth: , leader of the ninja clan; the , who had been Murdock's after he was blinded; a rival organization of assassins called the ; and , an ex-girlfriend and sometime member of the Hand.

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  • Although Murdock's attempt to set up a sting operation results in his allies being arrested when the Kingpin turns this trap against him, Fisk's legal manipulations work against him when he is attacked by the Hand, leaving Fisk in a coma and Murdock legally mayor of New York from his position as deputy mayor due to a loophole added by a prior administration that had not been amended, allowing Matt to take control of the city and release his fellow heroes to help him stop the Hand.

  • 2018—19• Miller ended the arc on a positive note, with Murdock reuniting with both Karen Page and , the mother he thought dead, now a nun.

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