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Mikhael Leonidovich Gromov (1943

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Mikhael Leonidovich Gromov (1943

Gomov Gromov, Andrey

Mikhael Gromov (mathematician)

Gomov Boris Gromov

Gomov Mikhael Gromov

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Boris Gromov

Gromov studied mathematics at where he obtained a master's degree in 1965, a Doctorate in 1969 and defended his Postdoctoral Thesis in 1973.

  • During the , Gromov did three tours of duty 1980—1982, 1985—1986, 1987—1989 , and was best known for the two years as the last Commander of the in Afghanistan.

  • in Mathematical Sciences 2002• C2 array-like , shape nt , nt — Metric cost matrix in the target space• Helv.

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They showed that Riemannian metrics of positive scalar curvature cannot exist on such manifolds.

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