911 monkey accident - 3 monkeys that escaped, were captured after Pennsylvania crash have been euthanized

Accident 911 monkey Truck transporting

NY Daily News

Accident 911 monkey Truck Carrying

Accident 911 monkey One monkey

Lab monkey on the loose after truck crash in Pennsylvania

Accident 911 monkey Police searching

Accident 911 monkey All 100

Police: Don’t Approach Lab Monkey Missing After Crash

Accident 911 monkey Woman who

Accident 911 monkey Police: Don’t

All loose monkeys accounted for following Pennsylvania highway crash

Accident 911 monkey Truck Carrying

Accident 911 monkey Woman who

NY Daily News

Accident 911 monkey NY Daily

Monkey on the loose: Locals told not to approach lab monkey missing after Pennsylvania crash

Woman who stopped to help after lab monkeys escaped from truck crash FALLS ILL sparking outbreak fears

Firefighters used thermal imaging to try to locate the animals — who would not have been used to the frigid temperatures — while a helicopter was also summoned to assist.

  • Several monkeys escaped after the collision between the pickup and a dump truck, but as of Saturday morning only one remained unaccounted for, officials said.

  • Troopers on the scene stated that the monkeys weigh about three pounds.

  • This is a developing story.

Truck Carrying 100 Lab Monkeys Crashes, Several Escape

Fallon peeked into a crate and saw a small monkey looking back at her, she told the newspaper.

  • But only one had remained unaccounted for as of Saturday morning, prompting the Pennsylvania Game Commission and other agencies to launch a search for it amid frigid weather.

  • Fallon told the news station that she has gotten her first dose of the rabies vaccine and a round of anti-viral medication with plans to stay on preventative medicine for about two weeks.

  • near Danville, and state police reported.

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