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If its process needs to be killed, when the user navigates back to the activity making it visible on the screen again , its method will be called with the savedInstanceState it had previously supplied in so that it can restart itself in the same state as the user last left it.

  • Set your kids on different tasks such as measuring the length of a particular plant or counting the number of flowers or buds on a plant.

  • boolean event Called to process population of s.

  • Return a class loader you can use to retrieve classes in this package.


However, they have to understand that instead of focusing on the bad things, they should look for the good things in others and use that to pay a compliment.

  • void boolean turnScreenOn Specifies whether the screen should be turned on when the is resumed.

  • void Postpone the entering activity transition when Activity was started with.

  • Gets the list of all the activity events attached to this activity.