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Joe Arridy: Pardoned long after his execution, mentally impaired man gets online props

Arridy joe “Joe Arridy”

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Disabled man executed in 1939 pardoned in Colorado

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I'll Admit It, The Joe Arridy Story Brought Tears To My Eyes

Arridy joe “Joe Arridy”

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Arridy joe Episode 68

Arridy joe Joe Arridy

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The sad, tragic story of Joe Arridy

" Who was this man, and how did he wind up facing such serious charges? The State of Colorado was determined to have its pound of flesh.

  • He liked to play with toy trains in the death house and couldn't comprehend the seriousness of his situation.

  • While New York state did not have the death penalty at the time, Grasso was extradited to Tulsa where he was executed by lethal injection in 1995.

  • As he left for his final sentence, Arridy said that he hoped to raise chickens and play the harp in heaven.

Joe Arridy: The Mentally Disabled Man Executed For A Grisly Murder He Didn’t Commit

Missing Joe terribly, his father brought him home again after nine months at Grand Junction.

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  • When he arrived at Canon City, somewhere most convicts hated and feared, he had little idea why they would.

  • He had tracked down the author of the 1944 poem before Young's death.