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Acca ura Wonder Egg

Acca ura Wonder Egg

Acca ura Wonder Egg


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Wonder Egg Priority: The Accas' Backstory Is Basically Frankenstein Meets Freddy Krueger

Acca ura Wonder Egg

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Acca ura Acca/Ura

Wonder Egg Priority / Characters

While the show is dark psychological thriller, the bright and cutesy art style would be unfitting if it weren't for the fact that the show does have many lighthearted slice of life moments where the style would be appropriate otherwise.

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  • : In life, Miwa did manage to resist his groping, but unfortunately he was Miwa's father's boss, and he retaliated against Miwa's resistance by firing her father.

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Wonder Egg Priority (Anime)

Overall: 9 The production values, direction, story, cast all being excellent lead to this show being given a 9 overall.

  • : By episode 5, Rika has bonded enough with Ai and the other girls that she doesn't feel responsible for Chiemi's death anymore and wants all the girls to stop risking their lives every night so they can just treasure their current friendship.

  • : Of the four main girls, Ai is Sanguine a cheerful, friendly , Momoe is Phlegmatic also a gentle and polite but quieter , Rika is Choleric a brash, blunt and outspoken and Neiru is Melancholic being , rather aloof and skeptical.

  • Two scenes at the beginning and the end of this episode show some monitors displaying Rika and Momoe being terrorized by Hyphen and Dot, meaning Frill is definitely watching everyone and waiting to strike.

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