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So Who Exactly Is Harry Styles Playing in ‘Eternals’? Here’s What to Know About His Marvel Character

Eternals’ Harry Styles Breaks Silence on MCU Debut


  • Ikaris reveals he was informed of the Emergence by Ajak centuries before and fed her to the Deviants to prevent her from stopping it six days prior, and flees along with Sprite.

  • Thanos himself stepped up and declared that Eros was the reason that he was infatuated with Death; in the comics, Thanos assembles the Infinity Gauntlet and gems to impress Death herself, not because he has a wish to bring order to the galaxy.

  • " So who the heck is Eros, and what's his connection not just to Thanos and the Eternals, but to a potentially whole new generation of Avengers being established in the MCU? Harry features in one of the end credits scenes for Eternals, which is released on Friday in cinemas.