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What is an apathetic person?

Did something recently happen to you, or someone you deeply care about, that has left you not simply disappointed but demoralized, pessimistic—or downright hopeless? apathisch• 2013.

  • In Maryniarczyk, Andrzej ed.

  • English—Italian Italian—English• Research shows that there are actually a few different : emotional apathy lack of both positive and negative emotions , behavioural apathy lack of self-initiated behaviours , and general apathy less motivation, lack of social interaction, and poor emotional responses.

  • You might:• In terms of neurodegenerative conditions, healthcare professionals use four criteria to measure apathy:• Robert P, et al.

125 Synonyms & Antonyms of APATHETIC

But if you often find yourself pushing past the point of exhaustion, building time for yourself into your routine can make a difference.

  • 3 1.

  • stop caring about everyday tasks, hobbies, or personal interests• Felt no interest in what, up till now, generated excitement or enthusiasm in you—such as a project, hobby, sport whether as participant or observer ; or getting together with a date or friends;• Apathetic depression of pseudoscientific problems, from what is impossible to prove.

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