Hybe label - The A to Z of HYBE Corporation: How the South Korean Entertainment Giant is Taking Over the Music Industry

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Why are Big Hit now called HYBE? Name change explained!

Label hybe Hybe Corporation

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Label hybe How To

BTS' HYBE Corp. Acquires Justin Bieber's Label

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Label hybe HYBE

HYBE Labels Might Be Preparing New Trainees In Plain Sight

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Hybe Corporation


HYBE Multi

[Showroom, BTS, and other affiliated HYBE partners in capital business…focus on the future].

  • Lee, Jung-ho March 6, 2019.

  • 2022年 [ ] 1月18日,HYBE在網路漫畫服務平臺上首次推出的網路漫畫和網路小說取得了最高成績,以原創故事為基礎,展現網路漫畫、網路小說等多種擴展內容,這些內容是自行策劃和開發的固有故事IP。 Retrieved February 17, 2021 — via.

  • In 2010, the company signed a joint management contract with over the boy group.

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