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Luca (2021)

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Tim (Luca)

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Lorenzo Paguro

Tex traded for Daniela for cleavers, and Tex for a chainsaw and a hatchet.

  • Even though there are many differences between swimming and walking, Alberto is still trying to help his friend.

  • Physical Appearance In human form, Daniela has fair skin, magenta eyes, and wavy, long, medium brown hair.

  • After Luca had exited the ocean after completing the swimming portion of the race,.

Luca Paguro

"Hey there, Paguro! During dinner time with , Daniela is served with pasta just as Grandma arrives and talks with her daughter about the good things Luca did.

  • YOU MIGHT LIKE: for more information.

  • Physical Appearance In sea monster form, Lorenzo has green scaly skin all around, including his "hair" and "mustache" and has brown eyes.

  • She is a sea monster and 's mother who is very assertive on never going to the surface.