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The academic nature of his personality and his abilities were on display during his dissertation when he exposed the deviance of every methodology that opposed the methodology of the Salaf, and the baseless nature of every call that targeted the sincere callers to the creed of the Salaf who committed years of their lives serving this creed, and standing by it and calling to it and refuting every doctrine or doubt used by the people of falsehood to undermine this creed.

  • It was greatly seen that a narrator was acceptable to Imam Bukhari rahimahullah and another to Imam Muslim rahimahullah exclusively, when Al-Hakim rahimahullah, ironically, rendered their narration from one another simply acceptable on the authority of the Shaykhain rahimahumallah.

  • If he heard something once he never forgot it.

  • He gives an explanation to all difficult ahadith.

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