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Did Guinevere love Arthur or Lancelot?

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  • The Development of Arthurian Romance.

  • In the novel Half Sick of Shadows 2021 by Laura Sebastian, Guinevere is depicted as the daughter of the king of but is predominantly raised in alongside Arthur, Lancelot, Morgana, and.

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Guinevere (1999)

Arthur's Tomb The Last Meeting of Launcelot and Guenevere by 1855 Years later, following the , Malory tells his readers that the pair started behaving carelessly in public, stating that "Launcelot began to resort unto the Queene Guinevere again and forget the promise and the perfection that he made in the Quest.

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  • About Guinevere: pronounced GWIN-uh-veer : This Celtic triple goddess has ancient roots preceding Arthurian times, when she was known as Gwehwyfar.

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