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Who is Felix Afena

Afena-gyan felix AS Roma

Disregard reports an expatriate scouted Felix Afena

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Jose Mourinho: Roma boss will buy Felix Afena

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Afena-gyan felix Ghana forward


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AS Roma Teen Sensation Felix Afena Gyan Pledges to Work Hard to Improve His Game ▷ blog.myitcv.org.uk

Afena-gyan felix Afena

Afena-gyan felix AS Roma

Afena-gyan felix Ghana striker

Jose Mourinho: Roma boss will buy Felix Afena

He then sits down and models the shoes for everyone in the room, who are all off camera, and even does a playful dance at the end to show them off.

  • We live vicariously through youngsters like Afena-Gyan who are living our dream, who had their opportunity and seized it.

  • If he is not in terms of technique fantastic, he does have a strong mentality.

  • How good is Felix Afena-Gyan? Reuters reports Mourinho promised to buy him the shoes after the match.

Club Statement: Felix Afena

The video has been posted on social media by an unknown person.

  • This time, the gamble worked.

  • The player, who has been vaccinated, is doing fine and has now begun isolating at home.

  • AS Roma teen sensation Felix Afena-Gyan pledged to work hard to improve his game.

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