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And it has all topics historical romance , boy love , girl love , comedy ,action , and my favorite romance I just love it oh and ceo too where the ceo is the male lead oh and if you love manga that is like more adult this is kind of your place because in like every story that has the topic ROMANCE it almost always starts with sex so like they drink to much or do somthing somthing it just always starts like that idk why but I kind of like it.

  • This program is an offline bible which supports 5 translations 3 languages : Indonesia Terjemahan Baru - Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari - German Luther Bible - American Standard Version - King James Version This version now also support 3 commentaries all in english : John Wesley's Bible Notes - Peoples New Testament - Matthew Henry The menu's language is in english, german, and indonesian.

  • If you are bored or free, you can immediately choose MangaToon to experience many exciting things.

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