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Eon park jae PARK; Jae

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Song Kang admits he’s nothing like ‘Nevertheless’ Park Jae

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Eon park jae Kim Jae

Eon park jae PARK; Jae

Eon park jae PARK; Jae

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'Nevertheless' Full Cast List: Meet the stars of Netflix JTBC K


  • Nabi was done.

  • 2008-02-07 Grant 7,323,419 - Jung , et al.

  • Processing it by talking to friends like Sol might help - if she listens.

Is Park Jae Eon a player?

In fact, Han revealed she was initially really nervous because of how much love and interest they received even before the K-drama's premiere.

  • The start of something new… Out of either faith, hope or expectation, she then goes back to the exhibition hall where she sees Jae-eon standing in front of her sculpture alone.

  • He is a flaker From the first episode, it was clear that Jae-eon was bad news for Yu Na-bi.

  • Nabi was drinking a lot and her crankiness was very noticeable.

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