Microlax - Microlax Enema

Microlax Microlax Rektalvæske

Microlax Príbalový leták

Microlax Microlax Rektalvæske

Microlax Adulte Solution Rectale

Microlax Sodium citrate/sodium

Microlax About MICROLAX

Sodium citrate/sodium lauryl sulfoacetate/glycerol

Microlax Farmacias del


Microlax Microlax Adulte

Microlax Microlax 625mg+90mg+9mg/ml,

Microlax Rektalvæske

Microlax Sodium Citrate

Microlax merupakan obat pencahar atau suah BAB

Microlax About MICROLAX

Microlax Rektalvæske

As the contents of the microenema is administered locally, it has no influence on intestinal activity and so removes the risk of becoming habit-forming.

  • Further information Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use MiraLAX only for the indication prescribed.

  • Spis grov og fiberrig kost grove kornprodukter, frugt og• Approximate millimoles of Sodium Citrate: 13.

  • Withdraw the nozzle still squeezing tightly.

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