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CONNIE SPRINGER ~ Photographer and Writer

She is able to shoot her grant at Sasha which is to the horror of Connie.

  • Levi orders Connie and Sasha to lead the Squad's horses while he, Mikasa, and Jean fight off their pursuers.

  • However, before they can rejoin the main forces, the Armored Titan begins hurling other Titans to block the soldiers' escape.

  • Initially reacting to those situations with denial, alarm and search for negotiation with those he was betrayed by, he becomes with each new grief more prompt to anger, irritation and hatred, losing his optimism and gaining in readiness to act against his opponents in order to protect the few selected friends he considers to be family.

Attack On Titan: 5 Characters Who Should Be Dead (& 5 Who Shouldn't Be)

But, they became closer and closer, and eventually were close to each other.

  • — Keith Shadis Appearance He is lightly tanned, young man with a shaved head.

  • When they arrive there in Orvud, Levi reveals to the stunned Historia that she will be the next queen of the Walls.

  • Connie and Sasha are then looking for a way to pull they out from the cave.