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Dressed in a floor length gown, the actress showed off a few model-like poses.

  • It uses cucumbers, which are good for whitening the face.

  • SBS, 2015 Cameo Ep.

  • com She joined the variety show Running man in the year 2017 alongside the comedian Yang Se Chan.

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Signo zodiacal: Ariesโ€ข SEOUL - Fans of Running Man host Jeon So-min have been worried after she posted a photo of what appeared to be a farewell cake on Instagram Stories on Tuesday Feb 8.

  • Since then, the two cast members have been a part of over 240 episodes of the show and have made names for themselves as tricksters during different games.

  • She is also a regular member of the variety show "Sixth Sense" which aired in September 2020.

  • She has a younger brother named Jeon Wook-Min.