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Imitation (TV series)

Imitation Imitation (TV

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Imitation What is

Imitation (TV Series 2021)

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Imitation (TV Series 2021)

To drown his sorrows, Kwon Ryok throws himself into his work while MaHa prefers to focus on her career and just be his fan.

  • The plot should be constructed in such a way that, even without seeing it, anyone who hears the events which occur shudders and feels pity at what happens; this how someone would react on hearing the plot of the Oedipus.

  • When a learner develops a foundation of simple imitation skills, then those skills are combined into more complex skills.

  • Behavioral treatments in autism spectrum disorder: what do we know?.

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; Hayes, Catherine 1952.

  • 2010.

  • as Ji Hak Tea Party's creator and the founder of JH Entertainment.

  • His research showed that there is no one simple imitation skill with its own course of development.

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