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Chupacabra• Below, you'll find some of the best words that start with A for kids as well as a few activities to show students that learning can be fun.

  • Give them some "free draw" time to select one of their vocabulary words on a sheet of paper.

  • there awaits a rich harvest for the naturalist who overcomes the obstacles of gravitation, ants, thorns, rotten trunks and mounts to the summits of the jungle trees.

  • However, just because you don't encounter your spirit animal does not mean it is not there.

Which animals end with the letter A?

Birdie was until recently a middle-aged Ladies' Club member wearing a bird-decorated hat --but now it's just the kind of vintage nickname think Hattie, Josie, Mamie, Millie that's coming back into style in a big way.

  • - any person• Aardvark The is an omnivorous mammal.

  • If students are ready for a bit more of a challenge, use this mix of short, easy words and longer A words for kids in the classroom.

  • For example, someone who draws "ancestor" can draw their grandparents or someone else in their family.