Jang ja yeon - Jang Ja Yeon (장자연)

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Storm in South Korea over Jang Ja

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Yeon jang ja Storm In

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Jang Ja Yeon Story [Hidden Side of S Korea]

The "Boys Over Flowers" actress Jang Ja Yeon has a secret boyfriend who tries to help her "reclaim herself"

Dalam surat terakhirnya, Jang Jo Yeon menuliskan sepenggal cerita pilunya, "tolong balaskan dendamku.

  • commmitted suicide.

  • — Jang Ja Yeon Jang Ja Yeon believed that her contract would be terminated, following the document that she wrote outlining everything that had happened to her.

  • how did they blackmail her? Police: Is there any truth that you received the documents from Yoo Jang Ho? While I have covered , I found it honestly impossible to update on both the ongoings of that case and also cover the Burning Sun scandal while maintaining my sanity.

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