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Aespa member Aespa (에스파)

Aespa member aespa

Aespa member Aespa (에스파)

Aespa member Aespa

Individual popularity ranking of 4 aespa members in 20 countries: Giselle ranks last in her home country

The Korea First Brand Awards is hosted by the Korea Consumer Brand Committee and the Korea Consumer Forum.

  • made by songhaena.

  • Ningning moved to Korea and joined SM rookies in 2016.

  • The song reached number one on the K-pop music video charts of China's biggest music-streaming service, , for three consecutive weeks and earned Aespa their first music show win on 's on January 17, 2021.

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Retrieved May 25, 2021 — via Vimeo.

  • Seon Mi-kyung May 6, 2021.

  • Dia adalah mantan ulzzang.

  • revision by — 1 month ago• Ningning bisa bahasa Cina dan Korea.