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Morocco mourns death of young boy after days

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Rescuers recover body of 5

5 UPI --A five-year-old Moroccan boy has died after spending four days trapped inside a well the countrys state-run media reported on Saturday.

  • The incident occurred when the workers were reported to have been trapped in a waterlogged tunnel section of an under-construction highway in Zhuhai city.

  • Hundreds of people gathered at the well and many more followed online rescue efforts to save five-year-old Rayan Oram.

  • 2 days agoMorocco rescuers race to save boy trapped in well for days.

Morocco mourns death of young boy after days

Lead rescuer Abdelhadi Tamrani told state television, "we hope we will rescue him alive.

  • Follow Al Jazeera English:.

  • Six co-workers of the trapped miners escaped the tragedy as they were outside the mine at the time of the incident and they were escorted to their homes.

  • However, progress slowed to a snail's pace as the drill teams worked by hand to avoid any vibrations that might bring the brittle soil down on the stricken child.

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