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Hyewon Kang Hyewon

Hyewon Kang Hye

Hyewon Hyewon/Trivia

Hyewon Kang Hyewon

Kang Hyewon Reveals Her Ideal Type And Which IZ*ONE Member Comes To Her Mind


Hyewon Hyewon Park

Hyewon Hyewon/Trivia

Kang Hye Won

Hyewon Hyewon Kang

Hyewon Hyewon/Trivia

Hyewon AB6IX's Daehwi

Hyewon Lee


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  • Olivia Hye has referred to Go Won as her soulmate.

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Kang Hyewon

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  • She likes anime and takoyaki.

  • I like people who are frank in every way.

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