Harmonika - Original Harmonika Rutar

Harmonika Harmonica

Harmonika Harmonica Organic

Harmonika Хармоника —

Harmonika Harmonica Organic

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Harmonika Original Harmonika


Harmonika Original Harmonika

Harmonika Original Harmonika

Harmonika Harmonika (muzyka)

Harmonika Harmonika —


Harmonica Organic Foods

A harmonica holder clamps the harmonica between two metal brackets, which are attached to a curved loop of metal that rests on the shoulders.

  • One version mimics the layout of a piano or mallet instrument, with the natural notes of a C diatonic scale in the lower reed plate and the sharps and flats in the upper reed plate in groups of two and three holes with gaps in between like the black keys of a piano.

  • Reeds are tuned to individual pitches.

  • Pada awalnya, alat musik ini mungkin terlihat membingungkan untuk dipelajari.

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