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Easy Blackwater Aquascape — SerpaDesign

Simple aquascape 5 Easy

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Aquascaping Tips: How To Create Your First Aquascape

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Simple aquascape 5 Easy

Low tech aquascape tutorial nano tank aquarium for beginners very easy make in and maintenance

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Simple aquascape Easy Blackwater

Easy Blackwater Aquascape — SerpaDesign

Aquascaping Styles: Nature Aquarium, Iwagumi, Dutch Aquarium

This should be the focal point of your aquascape.

  • Decide which type of aquascape you want to create.

  • This is most likely due to their small size, bright coloration and schooling personality.

  • Ferns and slower growing plants can be planted closer together.

Aquascaping Styles: Nature Aquarium, Iwagumi, Dutch Aquarium

The goal of an aquascaped tank may vary depending on the size of the aquarium and style of aquascaping, but is usually aimed at creating a natural-appearing tranquil underwater environment.

  • They are very popular and often have an 'unruly' characteristic to them.

  • But if you want to go for a lush planted tank, be sure you get the kind that provides nutrients to your plants.

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