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  • iExec is giving away 100 RLC each to 10 participants with the best Oracles.

  • First, determine whether your identity and local laws and regulations conflict with the corresponding airdrop activities.

  • 5,492• You can contact us via or.

USDF Digital

2,813• 830• You want to know what procotols do not have any governance token yet and could be worth an interaction to be counted in for some potential future airdrop? Using an exchange address is convenient but not suitable for airdrops.

  • Twitter account:• Be careful and stay away from fund transactions and personal privacy.

  • Share the link to your Oracle on Twitter using hashtag iExecCreate.

  • Do not invest, please be careful not to be deceived! Popular Holder Airdrops The following cryptocurrencies were initially distributed for free:• Types of Free Airdrops Holder Airdrop happens when tokens are sent to all or random active wallets that hold specific tokens, for example, ETH or EOS.

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